Create Your Second Life Account

Rockcliffe Gateway

Step 1. Choose your user name in the field below. This must be a single word (no spaces) up to 31 characters with no spaces or diacritics. This will initially be both your login and display name once your account is set-up. You can change your display name at any time later if you want to have a different display name.

(What are diacritics? See examples here)

Step 2. Choose an initial avatar model from the selection below. There are many starter avatars to choose from. Use the "Previous" and "Next" links to scroll through some initial options. You can change your appearance at any time later if you want a different look / feel to your avatar.

Step 3. Complete the Captcha test and then the "Create Second Life Account" button. Clicking on "Create Second Life Account" below will take you to the the SecondLife website to complete your registration. Afterwards you will return to Rockcliffe's website for additional instructions on getting set-up and logging in for the first time.